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Mini Storage

When mini storage is needed to expand existing storage capacity, but money is tight and zoning bylaws may not allow new permanent buildings, Sea-can can help.

Storage containers can be placed on a piece of industrial land at a far lower cost and less regulatory hassle than permanent buildings. This makes a very competitive mini storage which yields excellent returns and later can easily be moved should the owner decide to convert the land to another use. Many mini storage owners prefer new containers since their actual market depreciation rate is approximately 5% per year. Some personal storage operators prefer new 20ft containers with doors in each end and a center dividing wall to form two 8ftx10ft cubicles. 40ft containers can be fitted with roll up doors along the side and wall dividers to make five 8ft mini storage units.

Advantages include:

  • Low depreciation rate
  • Eliminate Regulatory hassle
  • Easy to implement