Custom Crating

Experts in custom crate solutions since 1976, Sea-Can Containers can product the custom crate that fits your needs. Our resilient custom designs ensure a proper fit and maximum protection for any size product. Sea-Can’s wooden calapsible containers are TDG approved for transporting solid waste.

Available features include: Customized interiors, hinged lids, latched doors, separate compartments, and more.

These crates can be customized in almost any way to meet your needs. We have manufactured crates in lengths ranging from 50 feet to 6 inches.


The Collapsible, Reusable Crate

Since 1976, Sea-Can Containers has been manufacturing collapsible containers that are Transport Canada Approved, United Nations Approved, and ISO 9001:2008 certified. These containers are also TDG approved for hauling solid waste.

Our signature product line, this collapsible wooden container is a solution to many problems in shipping. It is especially useful for hazardous material, marine transport, and remote locations, such as in the Arctic. The containers keeps goods safe and dry even in Arctic conditions. Our collapsible crates are:

This collapsible wooden container is the perfect solution to many problems in shipping. It is especially useful for hazardous material transport, for marine transport, and for storage in remote locations. The container keeps goods safe and dry even in Arctic conditions.

4 ft. Sea-Can

6 ft. Sea-Can

 Arctic and Antarctic Shipping

For companies doing business in the Arctic, what gets shipped in, must get shipped out. The Sea-Can is collapsible to reduce empty shipping volume. It is easily disassembled and components used in other applications. Since the Sea-Can is mostly constructed of wood they can also be recycled.

  • Bio-degradable components
  • Re-usable components
  • Collapsible to reduce empty shipping volume

Drilling Mud and Chemical Packaging

At Sea-Can Shipping Containers, we can package your chemical and drilling fluids, or we can provide containers for your project. We also provide packing for Bags, Bulk Totes, Pails, and Barrels.

Our Sea-cans have the following advantages:

  • ISO 9001:2008 and Transport Canada Approved Containers
  • OR-RPE-25 Liners available
  • Reduce loss from torn barges, and weather conditions
  • Perfect solution for Marine Transport
  • Used extensively in Arctic Environments
  • Stack containers to reduce storage space
  • Excellent for Long-Term Storage

Level Access Loading and Unloading

Because crated contents are difficult to load and unload from above, sometimes it is just easier to have level access to equipment or cargo. Sea-Can Containers’ seacan’s have a sturdy platform for level access and the sides and lid easy to remove with out damaging cargo.

Oil and Gas Drilling

Since Drilling Chemicals need to be properly packaged for transport, and have to be kept dry on-site, Sea-Can Containers has a solution.

The 4 ft. Sea-Can is a popular solution for packaging and transporting drilling chemicals. Once drilling chemicals have been packaged in a Sea-Can they can be easily transported by Truck or Barge. Fully loaded Sea-Can’s can be stacked 3 high to save yard space. The Sea-Can is very weather resistant and will keep drilling chemical dry in arctic conditions for years.

  • Protects Chemical for years
  • Ideal for Marine Transport
  • Stackable containers save yard space

Remote Location Crating

Products such as Agoforestry crops and geological samples need to be crated in a remote location. The Sea-Can is can be assembled on remote sites using ratchet strap/tie-downs instead of steel banding. This reduces the cost of transporting empty containers to the site. Once assembled the Sea-Can is sturdy enough to be re-used.

  • Bio-degradable container
  • Manufactured from replaceable parts
  • Less energy to manufacture than comparable steel and plastic containers
  • Cost Reduction