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Industrial wood products

Sea-Can Containers provides a wide range of industrial wood products, all manufactured in our 12,000 square foot facility in West Edmonton.

These tough long lasting Crane Pads are made from 3/4″ degrade plywood; 5 layers are nailed, stapled and glued with 3/4″ continuous rope handles. Keep your jack or stabilizer from sinking. These crane pads have been tested against plastic versions and our crane pads are rated at 3 times stronger. Sea-Can’s stabilizer pads are significantly stronger than plastic versions. Layers of plywood and continuous rope handles make for a durable product. Crane pads from 30″ diameter to 48″ diameter are complete with four continuous rope handles. Crane pads 12″ diameter to 24″ diameter are complete with two continuous rope handles.

Available sizes 12″ and up. We have in stock sizes 24″, 30″, 32″, 36″, 42″ and 48″.

Experts in custom crating solutions since 1976, Sea-Can Containers can produce the custom crate that fits your needs. Our resilient custom designs ensure a proper fit and maximum protection for any size product. Sea-Can’s wooden shipping boxes and collapsible containers are TDG approved for transporting solid waste. Available features for shipping crates include: Customized interiors, hinged lids, latched doors, separate compartments, and more. These crates can be customized in almost any way to meet your needs. We have manufactured crates in lengths ranging from 50 feet to 6 inches.

Specialty Pallets take a beating, and are stepped on, run over, and thrown in a heap. Yet this simple device is critical to many operations. It keeps product off the floor, eases transportation, optimizes storage utilization, and improves employee safety while loading or unloading material.  Sea-Can’s Specialty Pallets come in every size and style, even as small as 12″ x 12″. All our speciality pallets are custom manufactured to your specification, and like all our industrial wood products, are built to last. We comply to ISPM 15, and can use heat treated lumber for international export, or domestic lumber, depending on the details of your job.

Pipe Bunk and Scallops are one of the safest ways to transport pipe and bar. The Government of Alberta Health and Safety Office acknowledge their safety record.Pipe Bunk are a compact, and efficient solution for the transport of your pipe or bar. Manufactured for any diameter from strong lightweight spruce, cut to your length.

  • Choose from 4″x6″ or 6″X6″ cross section.
  • Add optional carpeting to keep your coated pipe scratch free.
  • Our manufacturing professionals will quickly handle orders from 1 to 1000 or more.

Sea-Can Containers can provide bunks, scallops, or saddles for all your pipe package needs.

Sea-Can Containers can provide tank saddles and cradles for all your pipe package needs. Sea-Can’s Tank Saddles are manufactured for the smallest to the largest, standard or custom tank sizes. Optional carpeting protects coatings on your pipe or tank. Sea-Can’s strong, and light, spruce/poplar designs make these saddles easy to work with and still able to safely pack a large load. Standard sizes include 2 ft. to 10 ft. (raised or low profile). All other sizes are made to your specification. Custom sizes have included tanks as big as 22 ft. 6 in. and as small as 18 in. The Sea-Can advantage is not just custom size but custom shapes are also possible.

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