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Sea-Can Containers has the containers you need

We are the largest retail container sales company in western Canada and we have the largest selection of containers on the ground. We have competitive pricing for any container, new or used, in any configuration.

Sea-Can sells 8′, 9′, 10′, 20′, and 40′, steel containers. We own our own depot, stock several hundred containers in our own yard, and are northern Alberta’s largest distributor of steel Sea-Can Containers.

We carry a wide variety of NEW and USED stock – see our Pricing & Specs page for details


  • 20′ (or 24′ with landing) steel skids with twistlocks (no welding needed)
  • 40′ steel skids with twistlocks (no welding needed)
  • Bolt-on lockboxes & masterlocks for bolt-on lockboxes
  • Shackle-lock lockboxes & shackle-lock padlocks
  • Shelving (flat or for pipe) & shelving brackets
  • Divider partitions

Modification Services

Sea-Can can provide shipping container customization by modifying your container to fit your specific need. We do custom container sizes, garage doors, man doors, roll-up doors, windows, HVAC, lighting and electrical. Contact us and let us know your specifications and we will make sure you get what you need.

Rental Containers:

We also offer the choice to rent any of our used containers at low, competitive rates.

Sea-Can has a Certified Container Surveyor on staff so Sea-Can has re-certified containers for sale.

Some of the uses for Sea-Can’s containers include:

Chemical Storage

Chemicals cannot be stored indoors due to Fire-Code and/or Hazmat regulations. Volatile Chemicals such as paints and fuels can be stored in Cargo Containers. This way they can be kept cool and secured.

Advantages include:

  • Improve safety by keeping dangerous materials outside your building
  • Inexpensive secured building

Construction, Plumbing & Electrical

Construction sites often need Site Office and storage, but vandalism is a problem. Construction, Plumbing and Electrical Contractors prefer used 20 ft marine containers for secure jobsite storage of tools and materials since containers are tough, inconspicuous and do not attract vandals. The new 10′ are great for excavations and downtown jobs where room is tight. We have recently received 8′ 9′ AND 10′ mini boxes which should be ideal for sub trades who go floor to floor. Construction tool shed containers and site office containers are easily placed on a confined jobsite with a crane truck or tilt deck truck.

Advantages include:

  • Cargo Containers are harder to break into than many site buildings.
  • Small 6ft and 8ft containers can be moved around job site to where they are needed.

Document Storage

Problem – Old documents and files need to be kept for 7 years for tax reasons.

Solution – Cargo Containers provide dry storage for your records. Insulation, custom shelving, vents, heat and lighting are available.

  • Dry storage.
  • Interior shelving helps with organization.
  • If your business relocated archive records are already packed and ready to go.

Emergency Preparedness

Community emergency planners need a disaster and vandalism resistant building for equipment. Community associations have purchased containers for storage of earthquake preparedness kits at elementary schools. Sea-Can works with these customers to select high quality units, and arrange delivery.

Advantages include:

  • Inexpensive for the level of security
  • “Temporary” building worked well with Zoning By-Laws


Problem – Power Generation is needed at a remote industrial or construction site.

Solution – Gensets up to 1500 KW are easily housed in Sea-Can Containers, providing reduced outside noise, simple shipment to the site and a durable, complete unit for the user.

  • Self-contained power center is easier to manage

Mini Storage

When mini storage is needed to expand existing storage capacity, but money is tight and zoning bylaws may not allow new  ermanent buildings, Sea-can can help. Storage containers can be placed on a piece of industrial land at a far lower cost
and less regulatory hassle than permanent buildings. This makes a very competitive mini storage which yields excellent returns and later can easily be moved should the owner decide to convert the land to another use. Many mini storage owners prefer new containers since their actual market depreciation rate is approximately 5% per year. Some personal storage operators prefer new
20ft containers with doors in each end and a center dividing wall to form two 8ftx10ft cubicles. 40ft containers can be fitted with roll up doors along the side and wall dividers to make five 8ft mini storage units.

Advantages include:

  • Low depreciation rate
  • Eliminate Regulatory hassle
  • Easy to implement

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