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Sea-Can Containers has a full service Welding and Fabrication Shop

Sea-Can has a full featured 7800 square foot fabrication shop capable of completing both large and small scale industrial, oil and gas, construction and personal projects. Our shop includes 2 five ton overhead cranes and a plasma table.

Some of the services we offer include: 

– Seacan modifications
– Oilfield skids
– Mudtanks 
– Masts
– Doghouses for service rigs
– Mast recertifications
– Aluminum manufacturing

The Fabrication Shop

  • Our shop can accomodate small and large scale projects
  • Specialized in oil and gas and the construction industries
  • Greatly enhances our sea can modifcation services
  • Drafting, material processing, and welding all under one roof
  • We can tailor our services to specific project requirements
  • We build pipe racks, shelving, pallet racks and skids on demand
  • Able to handle any custom projects

Sea-Can can provide a wide aray of fabrication services. We specialize in fabricating products that are useful and needed on a repeatable basis such as brackets, shelving, pipe racks and pallet racks. We can supply components for your projects on a recurring basis or on an as-needed basis.  We also can plan. design and execute any custom project you need.  

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